Inspiration and the Plan

Hi! My name is Mukta, and this semester, I’m conducting an Independent Study to strengthen support for English Learners (EL) in middle schools. Scroll down to learn more about the inspiration behind this study and my plan moving forward!


This fall, I volunteered as a Spanish translator for Maureen Joy Charter School’s parent teacher conferences. Over 60% of students are Hispanic, and many are English Learners (EL). While translating, I noticed many EL students struggled to connect with the material, especially for History and English, as the pandemic has exacerbated language barriers in education. After translating, I talked to my parents and some classmates about what I had noticed, and this question continued to sit with me. A few months later, I contacted Ms. Fensholt, a teacher at Maureen Joy, to learn more about the problem and what I could do to help. Through these conversations, this independent study was born!

The Plan

I’m planning to work directly in the classroom, including helping students with schoolwork, coordinating topics with teachers, and potentially updating parents about student learning. Through this experience, my goal is to use my knowledge of the Spanish language to better understand what students are having difficulty with, connect with Spanish speaking parents, and help students learn both in English and in their native language. For my final product, I’m planning to create a report for teachers and administrators around NC about strengthening long term support systems for EL students.

See my proposal page for a more detailed schedule and more information about my leading questions and goals!