Small Tidbits

Here’s a general collection of tidbits I’ve learned over these past few months! Some of them are deeper insights that I’m looking to tackle in the future, while others are little more than brief thoughts I had during a session. 🙂

  • Vocabulary is one thing that’s been difficult
    • There are a lot of longer words that students aren’t familiar with
    • However, even more than that, I’m not sure how to teach vocabulary in a way that’s meaningful. Just telling the student what the word means doesn’t lead to long term retention, but in a 30 minute session, it’s hard to find the time to do a separate activity with the vocab word when we already have so much to cover.
  • Student ideas to spice things up:
    • Kahoots
    • writing answers down
    • giving students specific “jobs” (ex: one shares screen, one finds book pages, etc)
  • WRITING has been a huge conflict for me, because I think that students often understand what’s happening but have a hard time putting it on paper. However, it becomes hard to work in during sessions
    • maybe having students bring a piece of paper and write down the answers to some questions?
  • Overall, the 5th graders have been a bit harder to engage than 6th graders
  • students love to talk about their personal lives, and it’s so much fun to get the chance to connect with them! Some students haven’t opened up much, but I definitely see them coming out of their shells. 🙂
  • one struggle I’m seeing overall (not just for EL students) is that students aren’t sure what to annotate – they end up either highlighting too much or too little and not the important details
  • when asked a question, students tend to use the words in the passage instead of putting things in their own words
  • one of the most common reading errors is that students tend to get letters mixed up
  • Many students don’t pause after reading a sentence–it’s kind of like the period disappears and they move straight into the next sentence.